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Pinche Pinche Mexican Restaurant

Chapel Allerton is a wonderful area of Leeds for anyone looking for bars and restaurants with the right atmosphere and great food. Right in the centre of the action sits a Mexican restaurant with a grand reputation, Pinche Pinche. Not knowing anything of this illustrious restaurant I was excited to see whether it would live up to the hype from food blogs and social media.

Pinche Pinche Mexican Restaurant wall

I booked my reservation at Pinche Pinche on a Friday night when the restaurant was fully booked, the atmosphere was welcoming and warming on what was a very cold January evening. The staff didn’t seem phased by working a full restaurant and still managed to make each guest feel welcome and tended to. Although there was a little wait for our table at the start of the evening we were welcomed over to the bar area for a drink and to look through the menu. The menu gave plenty of choice offering tapas as well as main meals, so it would only be fair to try both. I ordered the Spicy Cheese Balls, Sopa Azteca, Cactus Tlacoyos and the Fish Tacos from the Tapas section, the Pork Burrito from the Bigger Plates section and on the side I ordered the Refried Black Beans and the Latin American Super Food Salad.Pinche Pinche Pillow

After a while the food arrived and if it were to taste as good as it looked, then I was in for a treat. The Spicy Cheese Balls had a lovely crisp ground tortilla coating with soft creamy cheese in the centre topped with spicy salsa and guacamole. The Fish Tacos stole the show with the great tasting flakey fish accompanied with a garnish of salad and an amazing taco sauce. The only shames was we only ordered one serving.

Pinche Pinche Cheese Balls

Spicy Cheese Balls

Pinche Pinche Cheese Balls & Fish Taccos

Spicy Cheese Balls & Fish Tacos

The Pork Burrito lived up to its status in the “Larger Dishes” section of the menu. The burrito was stuffed to the brim with succulent pulled pork, pancetta, sweet figs, rich mature cheddar, black beans and the most delicious creamy avocado salsa, all served on crispy tortilla strips and toped with softened Mexican pink onions.

Pinche Pinche Burrito

Pork Burrito

The Sopa Azteca is a dish I have never tried nor heard off. Its a tomato and pasilla chilli soup served with fresh avocado, tortilla strips, Oaxacan cheese and chicken. The soup was full of taste and spice that was perfectly complemented by the avocado and the Oaxcan cheese that I found similar to unaged Monterey Jack, but with the string like cheese texture of mozzarella. The Chicken was an optional extra but don’t think it was necessary for this dish as it carried itself well without.

Pinche Pinche soup

Sopa Azteca

The Cactus Tlacoyos were cactus leaves and avocado served on black bean maize flatbreads. I was hopping for a new flavour as I have never tasted cactus but I found it to taste mush like green bell peppers but nonetheless was very pleasant.

Pinche Pinche Cactus Flat Breat & Black Beans

Cactus Tlacoyos

Assessing the menu I found that Pinche Pinche offers a wide choice for all tastes as well as catering for vegetarians and gluten free diets. From the dishes I ordered I found the food was full of flavours that work together well and left me more than satisfied. You get the feel that the menu has been thought out very carefully which positions itself leagues ahead of other Mexican / Tex Mex restaurants I have dined at in the past. The staff were friendly and helpful and did not seem rushed nor stressed at working a full restaurant on a Friday night. Pinche Pinche gets my overall approval and I will and have recommended this restaurant to anyone looking for an evening meal in a buzzy, friendly atmosphere and great food at good value.

Food: 5   Service: 4   Atmosphere: 5   Value: 5

Review issued by Jonathan – Good Food Nation

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Is Kim Jong Un opening a restaurant in Scotland?


Like many, I rarely find myself craving dog meat soup or a bottled aphrodisiac allegedly made from bears however, Good Food Nation are proud to cater to everyones taste however bonkers. There are reports that the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un could be opening a restaurant in Scotland and serving such delicacies.

Scotland has sparked the interest of the North Korean elite’s since The Scottish independence referendum. Despite Scotland voting ‘No’ The North Koreans consider left-leaning Scotland to be more fitting to deal with than England and supported the call for Scottish Independence. Many believe this is what has lead to the decision of the latest location of the “Pyongyang” restaurant.

The first of the restaurants Pyongyang were build near the boarder with China with Kim Jong Un’s expansion plans resulting in openings in Amsterdam in 2012. This was later closed down but re-opened under that name “Haedanghwa”.

Pyongyang restaurants are renowned for the luxurious and expensive experience. The opening in Scotland was very surprising and despite Kim Jong Un’s love of cheese and whisky, Hoare was a must unexpected choice of location.

Scottish food can be considered as very conservative so it may not be the obvious place to dine. It is reported that is not aimed towards the Korean population nor is it targeted to the Scottish people, they claim it is for the wealthy foreigners that want to come and spend money. Maybe they would have been wiser to choose a location more of the likes of London.

Dawn Of The Dog

It is widely accepted that burgers are the “in thing” and have been growing in popularity over the last 3 years. Burgers have become a major trend in the UK and like many trends to reach our shored much of the inspiration has come from our oversea friends in American. London’s Best Burger has seen the evolution of burgers in the heart of the Capital. When we asked London’s Best Burger why they think the popularity of burgers has grown in the last 5 years they replied “Burgers, bring people together“.

BqBFM6CIYAAQ42OThe England’s Best Burger 2014 creator Ollie Anstee states that “the growth in popularity of burgers and the whole “Low n Slow” BBQ thing in the UK is absolutely fantastic. Long may it continue!

Although burgers are at the peek of their popularity with multiple new burger restaurants opening every year in every city in the UK, the latest trend to make its debut appearance on our shores is the new concept of hot dogs! Splendid Sausage Co. from Manchester are at the forefront of the hotdog movement and when we got in touch with them to discuss the increase in hot dogs popularity over the past 3-5 years and how the hot dog has changed or evolved within the UK they were happy to give their views.

1. “The Dog”

The hot dog has always been much more of an American than British food, a staple of backyard BBQs and county fairs. A 4th July tradition. While we have embraced the burger we’ve taken a little more time to warm to the hot dog. Looking back when people think hot dog, they think of a tough tube filled with the pieces of meat the butcher couldn’t use anywhere else. Arseholes and eyelids if you will. Thankfully perceptions are changing and people are beginning to see a hot dog as a viable alternative to a burger. They’re no longer the cheap wiener you’d get out of a can, they’re no longer so processed they can sit unrefrigerated on supermarket shelves for months on end. They’re made with love and care with prime cuts of meat in natural rather than artificial casings with great texture and subtle flavours. The meat content is high and if cooked correctly – slightly slowly over a low to medium heat with a bit of care and attention – then all the juices, all the goodness will stay right there within the casing, none of it is lost in the cooking process meaning the flavour you can get from even a plain sausage can be explosive. Once you add complimentary or contrasting toppings to this then, like with a burger, you can end up with a great tasting dish.

chicken nugget dog

2. “The Toppings”

At a BBQ I’ve always chosen the sausage in a bun over the burger, yet have always loved what people do with burgers, the innovative toppings and sauces. Look at some of the burger creations we regularly see from Almost Famous and Solita, five years ago you’d be lucky to get an extra piece of cheese or bacon, maybe some pineapple or avocado if the place was feeling adventurous. Now they have everything on them, from flat iron steak and bacon three ways to soft shell crab and monster munch yet the hot dog until recently has been left by the wayside, a few onions, maybe a bit of chilli if you’re lucky, but things are changing, people are realising the dog is right up there with the burger, so much can be done with them.


3. “The Possibilities”

When we set up The Splendid Sausage Company we wanted to push the evolution of the hot dog even further. The Great British banger has been around for centuries and is a wonderful food. There is so much you can do with it, almost every type of meat works as a sausage, there are so many flavours you can use to further enhance them within the sausage, before you even come to the toppings. We love that we can use the flavours of different sausages with different toppings, it makes for something so much more exciting. For one of our dogs we take a beef and horseradish sausage, topped with a heap of slow braised beef pulled down into gravy, red cabbage, cauliflower cheese, mini roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings and even more gravy. It makes a perfect Sunday dinner.

roast dinner dog

4. “A Splendid Sausage”

We use slightly thinner than usual sausages, specially made in lamb rather than sheep casings, it means we can cook the sausage from scratch much quicker (as with a butcher’s sausage you can’t leave them rolling about on the grill top or sat in a bain marie as you can with the pre smoked dogs that you usually get on hotdogs) yet with the length of them we still get as much, if not more, meat than most burgers around. It also means we can play with the flavours within the sausage itself which is where I think the hot dog will go in the future. Yes there will always be fans of the traditional pre smoked wiener dogs but more and more people will see what can be done with the sausage, similar to but of a much higher quality than the one they’ve been eating since they were kids, a hot dog bun and some innovative toppings and it might not be too long before the hot dog is nipping on the coat tails of the all conquering burger.


Londons Best Burger – @LDNBestBurgers

Ollie Anstee – @Oea84 @gogmagogshop

Splendid Sausage Co. – @SplendidMcr