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Now we all love our takeaway on a Friday night and its even better when its easy and hassle free! I feel like I am forever listening to the ringing tone of my takeaway or receiving the wrong food! Well we have just found the uRRestaurant Takeaway Competition 2015.  Takeaway restaurants around the UK can be in for the chance to win the urTakeAway solution by uRRestaurant free of charge.

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The mobile app will be fully branded to the restaurant and delivers takeaway ordering capabilities to their customers all from a mobile device. This will help takeaways record their orders accurately rather than trying to listen to an oder over the phone with either bad signal or background noise.

The takeaways are also given the choice to upgrade their app to include additional features such as table booking & loyalty solutions. If your a technology nerd like myself then your probably thinking of the possibility of ordering your favourite Friday night takeaway all from the smartphone in your had!


The takeaways have to submit an application by 12th February 2015 here to be entered into the competition while the general public can nominate their favourite takeaway to take part in the competition via Twitter by tweeting the takeaway Twitter handle and using the hashtag #urTakeAwayCompetitionNomination. I have sent my tweet in an attempt to get my local takeaways and hope that they have seen it and submitted an application, I want an app to order from!

Once all applications are in by 12th February 2015, the fate for the takeaways success in this competition is left to us, the general public to vote. Votes will be taken from the 13th February – 12th March 2015. Each member of the public will be able to vote for one takeaway in each of the 8 categories. I know who I’m voting for!

For more details –


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